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About Counselling



I realise that for some this is the first time the thought of counselling has entered your mind. It might indeed feel strange to be reaching out in this way, perhaps you imagined that you would be able to cope with the pressures alone and now find that to talk in a non judgmental environment might just be right for you at this point in your life


.For some it might be a chance to be heard again in  a safe and confidential environment and to explore the issues and meaning behind working with personal issues such as creative & personal motivation, confidence, body image, partnership and relationship issues, bereavement and many other challenges that life throws in our direction. . In our counselling sessions we would work together in a non judgmental way to seek a way forward to enable you to find a way and meaning of life that is right for your own individual, creative & unique self.​


Counselling takes place when a Counsellor sees a client in a private and confidential setting to explore a difficulty tha having or distress they may be experiencing. Sometimes it may be that there’s just some dissatisfaction with life at the moment and no sense of direction and purpose.


By listening attentively the counsellor can perceive the difficulties and help the client see things with greater clarity, have different perspectives or decide on what action needs to be taken. Counselling is a way of openly discussing options and if necessary, bringing about change that is right for the person. 


I offer counselling working with issues such as, relationship issues, eating disorders, self esteem, body and appearance awareness, depression, loneliness and the many issues that every day life can sometimes bring & to places where we sometimes find ourselves.


I offer short term counselling as well as longer term counselling according once again to each person's needs.​

We work to create a positive and inspiring way forward for you and your life.

Short term counselling

In short-term creative counselling, I will listen carefully to your story and try to get a full understanding of your current difficulties. I aim to help you get clearer about what’s going on, so that you can start to think about things in a different way. We may look at different approaches that could help you to help you in the present and talk through strategies to enable you to move forward in a more positive way

Longer term counselling

Longer-term Integrative counselling may be the best option for you if you want to work through and understand some deep issues, and/or if you would like support over a longer time-frame. In longer-term counselling we can work at the pace that feels right for you. As your trust in our work together deepens difficult things can be felt, expressed and understood in a safe and contained way. 

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